Retractable Design Wall: a FreeSpirit project by UptownMama ®
     My name is Cathy, I've owned Uptown Mama since 2007. I began by designing children's clothing and handbags. But, my true passion is quilting.  However, I found that I had no room for designing my quilts. So, I designed this wonderful piece of usable art for quilters.  I wanted to help myself and other quilters get off the floor and kitchen table and arrange the quilt pieces comfortably. It makes designing and quilting much faster and easier.  I can interchange my quilt designs the way I want, as many times as I want. (While standing upright.)  No more bending.  There is no reaching up high or standing on a ladder to retract your design wall. You retract it up or down to fit your height by using the retractable, chain clutch.  I can stand back and visualize the finished quilt. The pieces stay in place (sticks to material with no pins and no sticky mess) and when I'm done, the quilt easily retracts on it's roll and is hidden out of sight until I'm ready to work on it again.  I hope you will enjoy this as much as I do. 

The Retractable Design Wall has polyester front with vinyl on the back. (Vinyl can be wiped with a damp cloth to clean) 
The clutch chain (not a spring clutch) easily pulls your quilt design up or down manually.  I love this design and the way it works.  You can also put photos or whatever you want on your shelf. The Retractable Design Wall makes a room decorative with knotty pine. We can stain it for you or you may stain /paint it yourself.  (If we do, there will be an extra charge.)  If you prefer a different type of wood, please contact us for a price quote.

     The reason I think you'd like my design wall is: the product arrives to you completely assembled.  The only thing you have to do is hang it up.  If you can hang a picture, you can hang my design wall. The back piece of wood allows you to hang it on the wall securely.  It is a chain clutch, not a spring, therefore you do not have to reach up to pull it down. You can also install it higher on the wall, because the chain drops to you. My Retractable Design Wall is sturdy and fully enclosed (Front, back, sides and top.)  The brackets do not ship with unit because everyone has a different way or place they want to install them. It is simple, go to any hardware store, tell them what you need/want. (I use everyday heavy picture hangers.) They have loops to hang over the nails in the wall. Center them with your studs in the wall. I used a kitchen ladder to hang mine, it is a two person job.  You might want to go as high as you can, as long as you can reach the chain, you're ok. Once finished, it is great because you can use your unit for a decor shelf. I hope to see you at my upcoming show in Utah!  God bless and happy quilting!